Junko Sakimura – Marimba and Cimbalom Virtuoso

Graduated from The National College of Music, she studied marimba under Akiko Suzuki, Tomoko Kusakari, Shinichi Ueno and Tomoyuki Okada and studied Cimbalom under Yasuko Kano. Starting with her first recital in 1990, she has performed many Japan premieres including Stravinsky’s Fox (Japanese version), Kurtág’s “Grabstein für Stephan, op. 15c”, “Concertante”, and Costello’s “IL SONGO”. Her TV appearance includes BS Teleto “Music Crossing”, NHK Saturday Night Orchestra (Hary Janos, with Yokohama Philharmonic), NHK BS1 “Saito Kinen Orchestra Concert (2007)” (Dutilleux: Le Mystère de l’instant, Conductor: Seiji Ozawa)

In addition, the orchestra was co-starred with Seiji Ozawa, the Saito Kinen Orchestra Concert “Dutieu/ The Mystery of the Moment”, which was broadcast nationwide on NHK, and the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, He has performed with major orchestras including the Nagoya Philharmonic.

Contract artist of Japan’s largest marimba manufacturer “Korogisha neoria Co., Ltd.”

Notable performance activities


  • 2020 Recital at Kyoto History Museum Annex Hall
  • 2017 Guest at BS TV Tokyo “Music Intersection” and introducing Cimbalom
  • United Aichi Classical Concert – Takeshi Oi (Conductor) Nagoya Philharmonic Koday: Suite “Hary Janos”, Debussy: “La Plus que lente”
  • 2009 Miyazaki International Music Festival – Experimental Concert “Leonardo for 4 Singers and Ensembles” Charles Dutoit (Conductor), Miyazaki International Music Festival Chamber Orchestra, Hudson Shad (Voice)
  • Nagoya Philharmonic – Dutilleux: “L’arbre des songes (1985)” Michael Christie (Conductor), Yuzuko Horigome (Violin)
  • Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra 225th Subscription Concert – Dutilleux “L’arbre des songes (1985)” Pascal Velo (Conductor), Olivier Charlier (Violin)
  • From 2008 to 2009, he was in charge of background music for Dai-ichi Life’s social contribution activities TV commercials.
  • 2008 Singer-songwriter Shion Yukawa’s album participation
  • 2007 Saito Kinen Orchestra Concert Dutilleux: Le Mystère de l’instant, Seiji Ozawa (Conductor)
  • The 309th New Japan Philharmonic Concert Kurtag: “Grabstein für Stephan, op. 15c” (Japan premiere) Directed by Christian Arminck
  • The 605th Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert Kodai/ Suite “Hary Janos” and other performances by Stephen Sloane
  • The 430th Yomiuri Japan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert, Stravinsky: “Renard (fox)” Genazy Rojestvensky, conductor
  • The 428th Yomiuri Japan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert, Kurtag:Concerto (Japan Premiere) Directed by Gert Albrecht
  • At the 359th Annual New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Subscription Concert, conducted by Christian Arminck, Kurtag: … quasi una fantasia… op.27 (2003-10-02)
  • Koday “Hari Yanosh” performed at the 544th Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert under the direction of Lawrence Foster (2002-02-08)
  • Cimbalom part of Dutilleux ‘Tree of Dreams’ directed by Pascal Velo at the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (2001-12-07)
  • “Movement and Static: Two Aspects” (Directed by Ryunori Numajiri, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra) hosted by Tokyo Opera City, Andriesen:”De Stijl (Time)”
  • Mr. Kotaro Sato conducts the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and koday “Hari Yanosh”.National broadcast on NHK Educational Television (1999)
  • Mr. Masahiro Izaki, Conductor, Tochigi Prefectural Symphony Orchestra and Kodai “Hari Yanosh” (1996)
  • Participated in the 1995 World Tshimbaron Congress (1995) as [Bratislava, Slovakia]a representative of Japan.Appeared on Slovak TV.It was taken up to Pravda, etc.
  • Suntory Summer Special
  • Music of the 20th Century (1991)[Suntory hall]
  • Twin Barom Joint Recital (1990)[Ongaku no Tomo Hall]


  • Recital “Rainbow Rhythm” (2021-01-16) [Omi Gakudo, Tokyo, Japan]
  • Recital “Marimba Alive! 3” (1997.12.27) [Kunitachi Geisho Hall, Tokyo, Japan]
  • Recital “Marimba Alive! 2” (1997.7.5) [Kunitachi Geisho Hall, Tokyo, Japan]
  • Cross Culture ’94 Appearances (1994) [Eolian Hall, London, Canada]
  • Recital “Marimba Alive! (1994) [von Kuster Hall, London, Canada]
  • Radio Western International FM Recital (1993)[Canada]
  • Co-starring with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and Marimba Trio (1990)[Orchard Hall]
  • NHK FM Recital (1989)
  • Piano
  • Suntory Summer Special
  • Music of the 20th Century (1991)[Suntory Hall]

Educational Activities

  • NHK Educational TV, One-Two-Don
  • Yuri Rhythmic Class Lecturer
  • Lecturer <子どものリトミック> Correction
  • Lecturer, London Japanese Heritage School 


  • Hirayoshi: Rainbow Rhytnm for Marimba (CD, Streaming[Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify)
  • Wooden Music – Marimba Alive vol.3
  • Divertimenti – Marimba Alive vol.2
  • Marimba Alive vol.1