New album DIVERTIMENTI – Marimba Alive! vol.2″ has been released. This is a live recording of the concert on July 5, 1997. It features two divertimentos by Kazuhiko Koyama and Seiji Yokoyama. You can buy digital versions from Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon and more. The program consists of […]

New Album: DIVERTIMENTI – Marimba Alive vol.2

Andre Gagnon’s “Comme au premier jour” played on Bass Flute and Cimbalom as the last piece of “Hidehiko Watase Live” at Asagaya Owl Studio on March 13, 2019. Bass Flute: Hidehiko Watase Cimbalom: Junko Sakimura Piano: Junko Shimizu

Andre Gagnon: Comme au premier jour on Bass Flute and ...

The performance image of “Ave Maria” of Piazzolla in the Thirteen Tone Society D.C.5 has been uploaded.This time, we are playing in the new model of Bohak, which arrived in July 2018.It is a beautiful, very glittering sound. The recordings are taken by a custom microphone by Osamu Kaihara. Without […]

Pizzolla: Ave Maria

The new album “Wooden Music” began to be delivered.You can hear it from Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify.It is a live recording of the concert on December 27, 1997. Performance: Junko Sakimura (marimba), Mika Saito (marimba, Bibrafon), Masahiko Saeki (percussion) Tracklist O’Maera: Wooden Music Laburda: Sonata for two […]

New Album: Wooden Music – Marimba Alive! vol.3

Do you know a composer named Astor Piazzola? Originally from Argentina, he studied composition under Nadia Boulanger in Paris, but he earned enough income and began to play his favourite songs for the first time in his life only when he was 59 years old in 1980. This year he […]

Piazzolla "Bordel 1900"

The new album “Relaxing Marimba” was released. Tracklist Saint-Saens “swan” “Memories of Alhambra” Ravel “Pavane for the deceased princess” Rachmaninoff “Vaucaliese” Cassini “Ave Maria” Myers “Cavatina” Gannon “Encounters” Morricone “New Cinema Paradise” You can request it from the following, thank you. iTunes Store Amazon Japan Google Play Music

New album: Relaxing Marimba

I played Monty’s “Csárdás” in the second stream “Da Capo” of the Thirteen Sound society. In 1957, I (Junko) was a member of the music enthusiast’s grandfather, who was formerly a large pianist, Hiroko Nakamura, who died the year before last. “Csárdás” by Vittorio Monti Zimmerong: Junko Sakimura Piano: Junko […]

Monty: Csárdás Videos (Monti: Csárdás) ~ Ultra-Fast Version

From 23:30pm, August 2, 2017, BS Japan “music intersection” which has been recorded the other day has been aired. In the introduction of musical instruments, Mr. Otani and his teacher, who also participated in Dvorak’s “Homeward” or “Song of Destiny”, my debut Untold Story (?It is showing off or…. The […]

Appeared at BS Japan “Musical Intersection” (August 2 (Wed) 23:30)