I played Monty’s “Csárdás” in the second stream “Da Capo” of the Thirteen Sound society. In 1957, I (Junko) was a member of the music enthusiast’s grandfather, who was formerly a large pianist, Hiroko Nakamura, who died the year before last. “Csárdás” by Vittorio Monti Zimmerong: Junko Sakimura Piano: Junko […]

Monty: Csárdás Videos (Monti: Csárdás) ~ Ultra-Fast Version

From 23:30pm, August 2, 2017, BS Japan “music intersection” which has been recorded the other day has been aired. In the introduction of musical instruments, Mr. Otani and his teacher, who also participated in Dvorak’s “Homeward” or “Song of Destiny”, my debut Untold Story (?It is showing off or…. The […]

Appeared at BS Japan “Musical Intersection” (August 2 (Wed) 23:30)

It is quite rare to play Cimbalom in kimono, but here it is. Why don’t you come to play in this atmosphere? Individual lesson 45 minutes Once a week twice a month From 8,000 yen per month  It does not include other materials such as scores. (recorded) 2016/12/30 @ National […]

Cimbalom ~ Edelweiss in Kimono

The students ' S.N., after the marimba lesson, tried to play the Zimmerbaron. Song: From the Window of the world (Hajime Mizoguchi) Zimmerbaron: Mr. S.N. Marimba: Junko Sakimura Why don't you come to the national classroom with a nice atmosphere in the video and learn about the Eastern European instruments, […]

From the window of the world

Maestro Seiji Ozawa and I have been together with Maestro Henri Dutilleux. ♦ Venue: Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan, Nagano Prefecture ♦ Performer: Performer: Saitou Kinen Orchestra Conductor: Seiji Ozawa ♦ Program: Ravel: Pavane for the deceased princess Ravel Henri Dutilleux: Mystere de l’instant (Mystery of the moment) Cimbalom: Junko Sakimura Henri […]

Seiji Ozawa, conductor, Saitou Kinen Orchestra: Henri Dutilleux/Mystery of the ...