The students ' S.N., after the marimba lesson, tried to play the Zimmerbaron. Song: From the Window of the world (Hajime Mizoguchi) Zimmerbaron: Mr. S.N. Marimba: Junko Sakimura Why don't you come to the national classroom with a nice atmosphere in the video and learn about the Eastern European instruments, […]

From the window of the world

Dr. Seiji Ozawa and I have been together with Dr. Henri Dutiyu. ♦ Venue: Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan, Nagano Prefecture ♦ Performer: Performer: Saitou Kinen Orchestra Conductor: Seiji Ozawa ♦ Program: Pavane for the deceased princess Ravel Henri Dutiyu/The Mystery of the moment Zimmerong: Junko Sakimura Henri Dutiyu/Le Temps L'Horloge (World […]

Seiji Ozawa, conductor, Saitou Kinen Orchestra: Henri Dutiyu/Mystery of the ...