I played Monty’s “Csárdás” in the second stream “Da Capo” of the Thirteen Sound society. In 1957, I (Junko) was a member of the music enthusiast’s grandfather, who was formerly a large pianist, Hiroko Nakamura, who died the year before last. “Csárdás” by Vittorio Monti Zimmerong: Junko Sakimura Piano: Junko […]

Monty: Csárdás Videos (Monti: Csárdás) ~ Ultra-Fast Version

From 23:30 on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, BS Japan's "Ongaku Crossing vol.70 'Tatake! Nekojarashi'" which we recorded the other day was broadcast. In terms of instrument introductions, I had Dr. Ohtani and Master Koasa participate in Dvorak's "The Way Home" and in "Song of Destiny," the secret story of my […]

Appeared at BS Japan "Music Intersection" (8/2 (Wed) 23:30)

It is quite rare to play Cimbalom in kimono, but here it is. Why don’t you come to play in this atmosphere? Individual lesson 45 minutes Once a week twice a month From 8,000 yen per month  It does not include other materials such as scores. (recorded) 2016/12/30 @ National […]

Cimbalom ~ Edelweiss in Kimono

The students ' S.N., after the marimba lesson, tried to play the Zimmerbaron. Song: From the Window of the world (Hajime Mizoguchi) Zimmerbaron: Mr. S.N. Marimba: Junko Sakimura Why don't you come to the national classroom with a nice atmosphere in the video and learn about the Eastern European instruments, […]

From the window of the world

Maestro Seiji Ozawa and I have been together with Maestro Henri Dutilleux. ♦ Venue: Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan, Nagano Prefecture ♦ Performer: Performer: Saitou Kinen Orchestra Conductor: Seiji Ozawa ♦ Program: Ravel: Pavane for the deceased princess Ravel Henri Dutilleux: Mystere de l’instant (Mystery of the moment) Cimbalom: Junko Sakimura Henri […]

Seiji Ozawa, conductor, Saitou Kinen Orchestra: Henri Dutilleux/Mystery of the ...