Appeared at BS Japan “Musical Intersection” (August 2 (Wed) 23:30)

From 23:30pm, August 2, 2017, BS Japan “music intersection” which has been recorded the other day has been aired.

In the introduction of musical instruments, Mr. Otani and his teacher, who also participated in Dvorak’s “Homeward” or “Song of Destiny”, my debut Untold Story (?It is showing off or….

The song is

  • Alberto Pek, “Sonnets No. 4” for Zimmerbaron solo
  • Bartok Bella “Romania Folk Dances No. 1, 5, 6 movement” (collaboration with Dr. Yasuko Otani (VN) and Takashi Sato (PF))


I would appreciate it if you enjoyed the people who were watching.

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